Tina Turner’s Daughter-In-Law Afida Is Trying To Have Late Husband Ronnie’s Baby

Tina Turner’s daughter-in-law is trying to have a baby. Afida Turner, who was married to Tina and Ike Turner’s late son Ronnie, revealed in a new interview with People that he froze his sperm as a birthday gift to her before he died of colon cancer in December 2022 at 62 years old. “I’m going to have Ronnie’s baby! If I can. I’m 46. But we’ll see,” she revealed to the outlet. The French singer wants to carry the baby herself and is set to undergo in vitro fertilization, sharing why this is what she wants. “It’s still bad because he’s not here, but what can I do? At least I will have a little one that looks like Ronnie. A monster like me and him, can you imagine,” she said. Afida is emotionally spent over the loss of her husband and losing her mother-in-law only six months later. “My heart is destroyed. It’s a punishment. Morning and night, I’m crying and screaming,” she added. Tina died on May 24 at 83 years old.