Titanic Diver Breaks Down In Tears Over Missing Submersible As Oxygen Level Deadline Passes

Former ABC News science editor, and Titanic diver, Dr. Michael Guillen broke down in tears while talking about the missing Oceangate submersible. The journalist joined ITV’s “This Morning” on Thursday and reflected on his own life-threatening experience. He also cried as he spoke about the five people believed to be onboard the currently lost vessel. “For the last 72 hours it’s been hell for me,” he said. “It’s almost like I feel I’m down there with them. I know what they went through. I feel it. I’m very empathetic towards it.” His emotional moment comes after officials say they believe the submersible has run out of breathable air, but the search for it continues. During the somber interview, Dr. Guillen explained the dangers he faced on his own journey to the Titanic wreckage. “I almost feel guilty talking to you this morning about how I was given that second chance, but it’s pretty remote that they’re going to be given a second chance and it’s just a terrible way to go,” he said through tears.