Tori Kelly Breaks Silence After Being Hospitalized: ‘There Are Still Some Things To Uncover’

Tori Kelly is sharing an awaited update on her well-being. The singer broke her silence days after she was reportedly rushed to the hospital with blood clots after collapsing while out to dinner in Los Angeles. In a handwritten letter posted to social media on Thursday, Tori addressed concerned fans and said she’s staying hopeful about her recovery but clarified that she still has obstacles ahead. “Hi friends…as you may have heard, I’m dealing with some unexpected health challenges. It’s been a scary few days but I can feel your prayers & can’t stop thinking about you,” she began. Tori confirmed that she’s “feeling stronger now” but noted that “unfortunately there are still some things to uncover” about her condition and she’s staying “grateful for the amazing doctors & nurses” providing her care. The 30-year-old shared regret for not being able to launch her new EP on July 28 with as much energy as she’d planned, but she did promise that the new music won’t be delayed.