Travis Barker’s Teenage Daughter Alabama Claps Back At Weight Comments & Reveals Autoimmune Disease

Travis Barker’s daughter, Alabama Barker, is clapping back at critics who are commenting on her weight. On Monday, the 17-year-old posted a new TikTok video where she shut down body shamers. “First of all…Paparazzi will purposely take pictures of you with your mouth open, middle of sentence and any ugly picture they can get of you just for views,” Alabama said of haters claiming she looks different in photos. “And I would love to see you guys getting random pictures taken of you in the middle of a sentence, with your mouth wide open. Let’s see how beautiful you look.” Alabama went on to open up about being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. “I also have a thyroid problem and an autoimmune disease, so that’s one of the reasons why I’ve weight gained so it would be very appreciated if you guys just keep your opinions to yourself.” She added.