Tyler Posey Had A ‘Big Crush’ On Kristen Stewart Before ‘Twilight’ Audition

Tyler Posey will never forget his audition for the “Twilight” franchise! The “Teen Wolf” alum told Access Hollywood about his time trying out for the role of Jacob Black alongside star Kristen Stewart, who he had a huge thing for growing up! “I was a huge fan of hers because of ‘Panic Room.’ I loved her and Jodie Foster. I just, I was kind of in love with her. Like, I had my school tutor on ‘Maid in Manhattan’ was her school tutor in ‘Panic Room.’ So we had the same teacher, and I felt like this connection with her. I had this big crush on her. And then I was 16, I grew up, and I auditioned with her,” he recalled. Tyler also looked back on filming “Maid in Manhattan” with Jennifer Lopez, who gave him an Xbox during their time working together! Plus, the actor dished on his starring role in the new horror film “Alone” and the inspiration he drew from his personal life to portray a man barricaded in his apartment. “Alone” is out on digital and on demand now.