Usher Admits He’s Seen Fans’ Fantasy Setlists For His Super Bowl Halftime Show

30 years to into his career, Usher is still hitting new heights! The 45-year-old singer is headlining the Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show on Feb. 11 and admits it’s been “a challenge” squeezing all his music into 13 minutes. “There’s been these fantasy lists that have been going out and people trying to figure out what song I’m going to perform first, middle, last, who is going to come on the stage with me,” he told Apple Music’s Nadeska. “What I did is, I was very mindful of my past, celebrating my present…and thinking about where we’re headed in the future. And that was really the idea.” Although Usher stayed quiet when asked if he was bringing anyone out on stage, he did admit he had some artists come to mind when he booked the gig. “I think I made it easy for myself when I decided to have features on my songs that became hit records. So that gave me the greatest point of reference,” he said.