Valerie Bertinelli Reflects On Escaping ‘Rock Bottom’ & Finding Happiness After ‘Worst Year’ Ever

Valerie Bertinelli is feeling happier and healthier than ever on the other side! The actress and cookbook author reflected on her emotional journey in a recent interview on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” telling Drew and co-host Ross Mathews that she’s found joy again after what she described as a lengthy personal low. Valerie has been open about the difficulties she experienced in her marriage with now-ex husband Tom Vitale, and explained why she doesn’t hold him responsible for the pain she felt in their relationship. “I can’t just blame my ex-husband for a toxic, horrible marriage,” Valerie explained. “It’s not his fault. What led me to that? Oh, childhood! That’s the stuff I got to start working on.” Valerie explained that alcohol abstinence and focusing on her passion for cooking again has helped her rediscover her true self, but a new love in her life likely hasn’t hurt, either! The “One Day at a Time” star previously told People how her unexpected love connection with an unnamed new beau has left her belly “flip-flopping.”