Vanessa Hudgens Hasn’t Met Ashley Tisdale’s Daughter Jupiter: I’ll ‘Be The Auntie Who Sings’

Vanessa Hudgens is excited to meet Ashley Tisdale’s newborn daughter, Jupiter Iris! “We’re going to wait until I have time and make sure that I’m not traveling anywhere, and just block out a window to meet Jupiter,” she told Access Daily’s Mario Lopez and Scott Evans of her plans to safely come see the little one amid the pandemic. “I’m so excited, though. [Ashley’s] like, ‘You have to come over and sing for her, cause she loves singing … Whenever she’s on her stomach, she kicks when there’s singing!’ So I’m like, I’m going to come over and be the auntie who sings.” Vanessa also opened up about her budding relationship with MLB star Cole Tucker. Plus, she chatted about co-founding her new beverage company Caliwater and the inspiration behind it.