Wendy Williams Breaks Down Over Health & Money Struggles In Shocking Documentary Trailer

Wendy Williams is getting candid about her sudden absence from the spotlight. The former talk show host is seen for the first time in more than a year in the shocking new trailer for Lifetime’s upcoming documentary, “Where Is Wendy Williams?” The sneak peek dropped on Feb. 2 and chronicles Wendy’s rise to fame and sudden downfall, as the media personality opens up about the devastating personal struggles she’s faced in recent years, from her health to her finances. Wendy breaks down over having “no money” or friends and pleads for help as her family, including son Kevin Hunter Jr. and her sister, also express their concerns. Wendy officially ended her long-running daytime series “The Wendy Williams Show” in 2022 after taking multiple breaks to address her health. “Where is Wendy Williams?” premieres Feb. 24 on Lifetime.