Whoopi Goldberg Admits To Using Weight Loss Drugs Following Oprah’s TV Special: ‘I Weighed 300 Lbs.’

Whoopi Goldberg is opening up about her experience using weight loss drugs following Oprah Winfrey’s TV special on the matter. “The View” co-host revealed on the Mar. 19 episode that she did use a weight loss drug at one point for her health. “I will tell you, I weighed almost 300 lbs. when I made ‘Till.’ I had taken all those steroids, I was on all this stuff. And one of the things that’s helped me dropped the weight was the Mounjaro. That’s what I used,” she said. Whoopi went on to admit that she didn’t realize how much weight she had gained until she looked at herself one day in the mirror and saw she needed a change. “I just always felt like me. And then I saw me and I thought, ‘Oh! That’s a lot of me,'” she joked. The EGOT winner isn’t the only one at the table who shared her experience using Mounjaro. Sunny Hostin also admitted she used the same weight loss drug after gaining 40 lbs. a few years back because she was shameful over how she looked.