Whoopi Goldberg Reveals Who Will Inherit Her Multi-Million-Dollar Fortune After Her Death

Whoopi Goldberg is revealing who will inherit her multi-million-dollar fortune once she passes. The Oscar winner got candid about the topic on the May 2 episode of “The View” while weighing in on a recent Jeff Goldblum interview where he admitted he doesn’t want his kids to rely on his fortune when their older. The revelation got a quick response from Whoopi and started a lengthy discussion between the ladies of “The View.” “I mean you’re not cutting them off now are you? No I don’t think so. So, how far do you go to make kids find their own paths,” Whoopi said. “It depends on the kid, in my opinion,” c-host Joy Behar said. Many celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Gordon Ramsey have previously publicly stated that they don’t plan on leaving any money for their kids, but when co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin admitted she’s still figuring out what to do, Whoopi said she isn’t leaving her 49-year-old daughter Alex Martin with nothing. “I’m leaving my kid everything that I have,” she said. Whoopi welcomed her daughter with her ex-husband Alvin Martin in 1973. She is now a grandma to three kids, Amarah Dean, Jerzey Dean and Mason Dean.