Why Debra Messing’s Son Hasn’t Watched ‘Will & Grace’ Yet

It turns out Debra Messing’s son Roman Zelman hasn’t watched “Will & Grace” just yet. “My son has never watched it,” she told Access Hollywood. “He hasn’t watched anything I’ve ever done. It freaks him out a little bit.” While chatting with Access the Emmy winner also weighed in on the impact the show had on the LGBTQ+ community. “At first we thought we would be canceled, but I think by the third season we realized that the show was beloved, the characters were beloved and we were representing a community that had never been represented on prime time television before and it felt important and exciting,” she said. Debra also revealed if she would ever want to play Grace again. “Will & Grace” is celebrating its 25th anniversary with an immersive exhibit at the Paley Museum through July 9.