Why Taylor Swift Fans Think They Just Learned More About Joe Alwyn Breakup Timeline

Taylor Swift fans are speculating that they just uncovered a new piece of her love story, but are they on to something or do they need to calm down? On Wednesday, the “Cruel Summer” singer’s pal and producer, Jack Antonoff, shared a never-before-seen photo of the pop star in the kitchen. “You’re losing me is out today. [A] very special track from the [‘Midnights’] sessions that’s finally steaming! [Written] and recorded at home on 12/5/21 right after [Taylor] ate these raisins,” Jack wrote. The anecdotes about the hit, which was a bonus track from her album, “Midnights,” sparked fans to theorize that her previous relationship with Joe Alwyn may have been in distress long before their split made headlines in April 2023. “Stop, you’re losin’ me I can’t find a pulse My heart won’t start anymore For you ‘Cause you’re losin’ me,” Taylor sings, which many listeners think could be about her six-year relationship with the “Conversations with Friends” star despite the songstress never confirming the connection.