The 5 Biggest Revelations From Shane Dawson’s Jeffree Star Series (So Far)

Shane Dawson / Jeffree Star

Shane Dawson does it again.

The fan-favorite YouTube creator seemingly broke the Internet with the premiere of his latest series—an exposé on controversial makeup mogul and social media sensation Jeffree Star. “The Secret World of Jeffree Star” gives fans a behind-the-Skin Frost-look at the 32-year-old icon, who reveals some shocking truths about his empire for the first time ever.

While the series begins playfully enough (with Shane guffawing at Jeffree’s lavish, Kardashian-esque lifestyle) it quickly becomes clear that there’s much more to the “Beauty Killer” singer than his palatial pink abode.

How did Jeffree parlay MySpace fame into a multi-million dollar fortune? What happened to some of his famous friendships? Will he ever make an epic music comeback? We’re taking a look at the five most jaw-dropping revelations from the future Streamy-winning docu-series, “The Secret World of Jeffree Star.”

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1. Jeffree earns hundreds of millions of dollars yearly thanks to his cosmetic empire

In a tense sit-down with Shane in his Jeffree Star Cosmetics office, the Gucci-clad entrepreneur spills the proverbial tea on just how much coin he’s collected. The “It Gets Worse” author presses Jeffree on his fortune, saying “I’m asking because I am genuinely so fascinated by you … are we talking like hundreds of millions of dollars?”

“Yes,” Jeffree nods. “I’ve never said that out loud before.”

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No lies, just facts. August 1

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2. Jeffree is creating a custom pink vault in his home for a new closet

It’s no secret that Jeffree has a love for designer looks—now he’s installing bank-like technology in his Calabasas home to ensure no peasants come near his Berkins. He tells Shane that a custom closet is being built and will be sealed with a vault door that has thumbprint technology. While this may seem extra, Jeffree could definitely use some extra security. Just one of his closets alone is estimated to hold over seven million dollars worth of designer goods.

3. Jeffree’s warehouse spans over one whole city block

Jeffree showed Shane that he’s a real boss bitch by taking the “Not Cool” star to his massive warehouse. There, a speechless Shane was left quaking over the sheer magnitude of how big the brand has become. Jeffree revealed his warehouses take up more than a city block of land and contain a pink office space for his hundreds of employees.

4. Jeffree’s backyard is not what we would have expected

There’s no denying Jeffree has a beautiful Calabasas home (he even owns a nearby mountain), but some viewers were shocked to see that he doesn’t have a pool like most typical Southern California estates. Instead, he has a pink throne that presides over his garden where the YouTube queen reflects about life while watching his five, frisky Pomeranians romp about the lush grass.

5. Jeffree will likely make a huge music comeback

The 30-year-old son of Teresa Yaw proved to be a huge fan of Jeffree’s iconic discography. The two social media sensations had a candid conversation about the beginning … and end of the “Ice Cream” singer’s musical journey. Jeffree revealed that he nearly lost it all after he was forced to leave behind his pop music aspirations, detailing how his deal with music mogul Akon fizzled out. Shane grilled the artist if he would ever return with new music—and Jeffree definitely hinted that it was a possibility.

After the interview aired on Shane’s channel, Jeffree revealed a producer reached out to him regarding recording a new track. “HOLY S**T. A huge A LIST pop star producer just DMed me on Instagram after watching yesterdays episode,” he tweeted on Friday. “You never know what could happen.”

There’s still two parts to go in Shane’s epic docu-series, but our wigs (and eyebrows) have already flown across the continent.

-Oscar Gracey & Stephanie Swaim

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