5 Times I Gasped Watching Lady Gaga In The ‘A Star Is Born’ Trailer

Lady Gaga makes her bigscreen debut alongside Bradley Cooper in the first trailer of “A Star Is Born” – and the Little Monsters are seriously shook.

The 32-year-old stars as Ally, an aspiring singer and actress whose career starts to take off after meeting washed up country singer Jackson Maine. Gaga looks nearly unrecognizable in the trailer, with her brown hair and dive bar chic clothing, making her performance all the more legendary. 

Immediately after hitting play, I knew my wig was in jeopardy of flying. Gaga and Bradley left me breathless throughout the trailer’s 2 minutes and 24 seconds runtime – my gasps getting more and more desperate as the video continued. The romance, the music, the cinematography! “A Star Is Born” is already my favorite movie, and it hasn’t even come out yet.Here’s a list of the five times I gasped watching the
trailer for “A Star Is Born.”

1. The
iconic first moment Gaga appeared on screen

A Star Is Born

It was only a quick glimpse, but it’s all I needed for my heart to literally stop. Seeing Bradley admire Gaga on stage under the red lights was enough for me to urgently call my cardiologist. 

2. “Almost every single person has told me they liked the way I sounded, but that they didn’t like the way I look.”

“I think you’re beautiful”

A Star Is Born

I’m not sure what I expected from “A Star Is Born,” but I certainly did not think I would be emotionally incapacitated to the point where I felt like writing poems dedicated to their onscreen love alone in my room while “Artpop” plays quietly in the background.

3. Gaga’s face when Jackson tries to bring her on stage for the first time


Don’t be so shy, Mother Monster! “Just Dance” – we know it’s going to be okay. You’ll slay this little dive bar with your Grammy-winning vocals, sending wigs flying into the cosmos.

4. When we finally hear Gaga sing

A Star Is Born

In this moment, my soul transcended time and space. Every cell in my body tingled as Gaga’s soaring vocals filled my headphones. I can only compare the euphoria I experienced to drinking cold water for the first time after being stranded in the Sahara. While I have never technically been stranded in the Sahara, one’s imagination is a beautiful thing.

5. The literal second of Gaga shedding a tear with a flower in her hair 

A Star Is Born

Gaga deserves an Academy Award for this one second alone. This scene will forever be seared into my heart and haunt me for the rest of my life, as a single tear falls from Stefani’s face from her captivating doe eyes. The odds of me putting a lavender daisy in my hair and recreating this scene in my bathroom mirror? Extraordinarily high.

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I’m not alone in stanning “A Star Is Born.” Celebs like Katy Perry and Lea Michele are similarly losing their minds over what will undoubtedly be the movie event of the year.

Yas, Gaga!

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