50 Cent Files $20M Defamation Lawsuit

50 Cent wants $20 million.

The rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, filed a multimillion dollar defamation suit in a Hartford, Connecticut court against Shaniqua Tompkins, his ex-girlfriend and mother of their 10-year-old son, Marquise.

In court documents obtained by Access Hollywood, 50 Cent states that “Romantic relationships often end bitterly. However, having been in a failed relationship does not give one license to gossip to tabloids and make defamatory statements to the press.”

At the heart of his lawsuit are comments made by Tompkins in the wake of a fire, which destroyed a home in Dix Hills, New York, where Tompkins and their son lived.

Although 50 Cent owned the home, he did not live there.

According to his lawsuit, on May 30, 2008, Tompkins stood outside the ruins of the home and allegedly defamed the rapper by telling the assembled media that 50 Cent “tried to kill me and his own child. I know this came from 50 Cent. I know he did it.”

Tompkins continued, 50 Cent claims, stating she said, “He threatened… that he was going to have someone visit me. My kids are in the house. Who would try to kill your own kids?”

At the time of the fire, the rapper was working on a film in Louisiana and claimed in his lawsuit that he didn’t burn down his house “nor did he encourage others to do so,” and that the police have confirmed he is “not presently a suspect.”

Tompkins, Marquise and four others were briefly hospitalized for smoke inhalation and later released as a result of the blaze.

A month before the fire, 50 Cent allegedly tried to evict Tomkpins and their son from the house unless she started paying rent.

Just days before 50 Cent filed this defamation suit, Tompkins took out a restraining order against the singer, banning him from being on the same property as her and requiring him to turn in all firearms.

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