Kevin Spacey Found Not Liable In Sex Abuse Civil Lawsuit By Anthony Rapp

Kevin Spacey has been found not liable for battery against Anthony Rapp.

The news was delivered by a federal jury on Thursday after deliberating for under 90 minutes.

“Mr. Spacey is grateful to live in a country where the citizens have a right to trial by impartial jurors who make their decision based on evidence and not rumor or social media,” Spacey’s attorney said in a statement to NBC News.

Anthony Rapp shared a message on Twitter thanking the jury.

“I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have my case heard before a jury, and I thank the members of the jury for their service. Bringing this lawsuit was always about shining a light, as part of the larger movement to stand up against all forms of sexual violence. I pledge to keep on advocating for efforts to ensure that we can live and work in a world that is free from sexual violence of any kind. I sincerely hope that survivors continue to tell their stories and fight for accountability,” the statement reads.

Rapp, known for his role in “Star Trek: Discovery,” had claimed that the “House of Cards” actors had allegedly climbed on top of him at a party back in 1986. Spacey has denied the allegations.

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