’90 Day Fiancé’ Stars Paola & Russ Mayfield ‘Still Together’ Despite Rumors: ‘They Love Each Other’

What is going on with “90 Day Fiancé” stars Paola and Russ Mayfield?

There have been some conflicting reports and rumors swirling that the duo might be breaking up, but now Paola’s rep is setting the record straight, telling Access Hollywood that they are still together, but they will be “taking a little break” to regroup.

“I know there’s a rumor going on out there that they’re not together. But that is not true. They’re still together. They will be taking a little break for the time being, not very long,” Paola’s rep Dominique Enchinton, owner of Dominton Talent House, told Access Hollywood. “It’s going to be a very small break, and then from there go to therapy together, so basically marriage counseling.”

But, while things might be a bit rocky at the moment, the fan-favorite couple still has love for each other.

“They do obviously love each other very much. They love each other, they respect each other,” Dominique said. “They’re going to come out of it stronger in the end.”

Rumors began to swirl that the couple might be headed for a split when Paola posted a cryptic message on social media on Wednesday.

“People asked me why I don’t take pictures with my husband, and my answer is… I just don’t like to pretend #youareguessingright,” she wrote on Twitter.

The reality star added fuel to the fire with a follow-up tweet shared on Friday that reads, “Happiness and mental health should always be a priority!”

The couple got married in 2013 and were first shown on the 2014 season of “90 Day Fiancé,” where fans got to see their journey for love.

The duo share 2-year-old son Axel, whom they welcomed in 2019.

— Stephanie Swaim

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