Aaron Carter’s Unfinished Memoir Set To Be Released & Will Share Startling Revelations

Aaron Carter’s unfinished memoir is slated to be released posthumously.

The “I Want Candy” singer never had a chance to finish the book he was working on before his death, but now his personal stories will be published.

Aaron was a kind, gentle, talented soul not without his demons. He was so excited about telling his story, and I feel I owe it to him to release the parts we did complete,” author Andy Symonds said.

Aaron Carter's Life In Photos

Aaron Carter’s Life In Photos

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“Aaron Carter: An Incomplete Story of an Incomplete Life” is set to come out on Nov. 15 and will feature pieces of his life story that had been finished, including hours of interviews where he shared anecdotes about his childhood, drug use, tumultuous family relationships, and his interactions with the late Michael Jackson. The memoir includes some haunting revelations

“I remember locking myself in the bathroom of one of our hotel rooms and falling asleep in the bathtub because I needed more sleep. My mom broke down the door, afraid I was drowning in there,” he said, recounting how the pressures of fame left him mentally and physically exhausted early in his career.

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In the emotional book, Aaron shared more about his mental health.

“Making beats saved my life. I was always suicidal, especially through those years. I never attempted suicide but never had anyone to talk to about it. But I knew I loved life too much to actually do it. Hopefully I won’t do it. Having lost my own family, I want to have my own. That’s the best feeling,” an excerpt reads.

In the book, he shares more about his relationship with his older brother, Nick Carter.

“Nick was my hero from about the time I could walk. He was eight years older than me, and aside from all the standard, cool big brother stuff, he also just happened to be in the biggest boy band in the world, doing exactly what I wanted to do. And he was happy to take me under his wing from early on,” the memoir says in part.

Aaron Carter and Nick Carter: The Brothers' Bond

Aaron Carter and Nick Carter: The Brothers’ Bond

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A rep for Aaron confirmed to NBC News that the singer died on Nov. 5 at his home in California.

“We are extremely saddened and shocked to confirm the passing of Aaron Carter today,” his rep said in a statement. “At the moment his cause of death is being investigated. We ask that you give the family time and they will have more information when available. We cannot express the outpouring of love coming in.”

Aaron Carter’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Journey

Aaron Carter’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Journey

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