Adam Lambert Reveals The Personal Inspiration Behind ‘Superpower’

“I just wanted to put something out that would make people dance and feel good,” Adam Lambert dished to Access Hollywood’s Mario Lopez, of his new single “Superpower.” 

The lead singer of “Queen” is flying solo on his latest track and bringing glitter, glam, color and 70’s nostalgia to his music video, released on September 4. 

The rockstar sports vibrant power suits, flamboyant makeup, and shiny bling as he and his entourage parade through the streets of Brooklyn and “dance off the haters.”

“It’s a message of empowerment…If you’re in a situation where someone is giving you a hard time, or you’re being bullied, or someone is discriminating against you, you have a right to stand up for yourself, and you have a right to love yourself,” he preached. 

In “Superpower,” the singer drives this point home, the lyrics reading: “Try to put me in a box/ Make me somethin’ I’m not/ Don’t give a fuck ‘cause I’m gonna take back/ My superpower.” 

“Superpower” is Adam’s lead single on his upcoming EP, Velvet: Side A, which will be his first big solo release since his album “The Original High” in 2015. 

“It took a while to get here,” he admitted. “I worked really slowly actually because I just wanted to make sure that everything that I was putting together felt authentic and felt like it was in my own lane.” 

Adam also revealed to us that he’ll be releasing two EP’s within the next six months —Velvet: Side A is set for release on September 27. 

“It’s kind of funky. It’s kind of throwback,” said Adam, describing his sound. “You know I was inspired by a lot of the music that I heard in my house growing up. My mom listened to soul records and funk records. My dad had classic rock.” 

Adam’s parents weren’t his only source of inspiration, the singer revealing, “And you know being on the road with Queen for the last eight years has really kind of inspired me about what makes a good song, what makes a song catchy, what makes a song timeless. So hopefully I’ve taken some of that on in my songwriting process. All I can hope for is that maybe I create something timeless.”

— by Marielle Williams

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