Alex Rodriguez Details Fitness Journey & Why Gum Health Is So Important

Alex Rodriguez is living his best life!

The former MLB star chatted with Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall about all things health, including how he shed 30 pounds.

He credits his girlfriend Jac Cordeiro for helping him change his habits and also his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis for expressing concern when she saw him in a rut two years ago.

“She sat me down and said Alex, I don’t like what I’m seeing. You don’t look healthy,” he told Access. “It was that moment that I started saying okay, I have to get into this, and then shortly after I met Jac.”

Now he is detailing his weight loss regimen, revealing he walks at night, is more consistent with working out, and cuts back on his steak intake.

“During the pandemic, I made a shift and I said, you know what, I have to start focusing on my health. I have two young daughters and life is too precious,” he said.

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The results have made Alex feel more “energetic” and “optimistic.”

But his physical health isn’t the only thing Alex keeps in check, he’s making sure his gum health is good too!

ARod is partnering with the League of United Latin American Citizens as a paid spokesperson for OraPharma and its gum health campaign “Cover Your Bases.”

While chatting with Access he revealed why gum health is so important.

“I’ve always gone to the dentist twice a year going back to my [New York] Yankee days,” he said. “Recently I went back to my dentist and I discovered that I had gum disease. I didn’t realize that there was over 60 million Americans that have this gum disease and more so in communities that are black and brown like mine.”

But there is some good news.

“I’m getting treatment four times a year. I go every three months. You need a little more than dental flossing and brushing your teeth and even if you have nice-looking teeth, you may still have the gum disease,” he said. “It’s been a good journey. I’m so happy that I got a hold of it and control of it and we’re treating it in the best way possible.”

Alex told Access his best recommendation for being on top of your gum health is to go to the dentist for regular checkups and that when you have a bacterial infection like gum disease you may need an antibiotic.

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