Alissa Violet Breaks Her Silence On Split From FaZe Banks: ‘I’m Still Very Hurt And Upset’

Alissa Violet is opening up about her breakup with FaZe Banks.

“Everyone handles breakups differently. You guys don’t know what happened behind closed doors and I’m doing the best I can to handle everything,” she wrote.

“I’m still very hurt and upset how this happened. I will always love and care for Ricky,” she continued.

Fans shared support for Alissa, replying to her tweet.

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We’re like a really small gang

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“We don’t know what happened behind closed doors for our favorite YouTuber. Whatever happened between you and Ricky I hope you’re doing okay and just be positive about everything and remember that everything happens for a reason. We love you Alissa,” one person wrote.

“Girlll do what is best for you.Just be happy. Because in the end this is what matters in life no fame,no money…only happiness is the key for a great life at least this is my opinion. Everyone wants happiness. No one wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain,” another person added.

FaZe first shared the news that they split in a series of tweets in early July.

“Alissa and I decided about a month ago that we should take some time apart. Love that girl to death and always will. I’ll never say a bad word about her. This sh*ts about as hard to deal with as it gets. Please respect our privacy through this,” he wrote.

He also shut down rumors that the split was “one sided.”

“To clarify too, this wasn’t one sided by any means. Just like everything else we’ve ever done, it was a team decision. Alissa is the most amazing soul I’ve ever come in contact with. She deserves love and support. She’ll continue to have mine forever,” he said.

The news of their split came after FaZe previously revealed on Adam22’s “No Jumper” podcast that he previously had a thing with Tana Mongeau.

“Tana’s the homie. Honestly, I’m gonna be real with you, I don’t remember. Yeah. F*ck, dude. …Wait – did I actually admit to this? Did that just happen?” he said.

He did apologize to Tana and Alissa saying that the hookup happened “way, way back.”

“It’s no big deal. The only reason why it’s a big deal is because I’m FaZe Banks and that’s Tana Mojo. I kept this a secret for three years!” he said.

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