Anderson Cooper Can’t Stop Giggling While John Mayer Calls In From Tokyo Cat Cafe

Anderson Cooper couldn’t stop giggling during CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live!

The presenter appeared on the broadcast alongside co-host Andy Cohen on Sunday night and he couldn’t stop laughing when John Mayer called in from a cat café in Tokyo, Japan.

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The video, shared by CNN on social media, shows Anderson erupting into laughter while the singer called in from the location in Japan.

“Yes, we are at a cat bar. It’s called Cats in the Box in Tokyo, celebrating New Year’s – we’re already halfway through the first day of 2024,” John said.

Meanwhile, Anderson kept laughing. While John couldn’t see what was going on, he seemed amused.

“This is a place you can come, enjoy a drink or two and talk to cats. It’s a cat bar. I mean, I don’t know how much more clear I can be about the objective of this place,” he said. “I can’t see Anderson, but I know exactly what he looks like.”

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