Andrew Garfield’s Parents On How Their Son Is Handling Spider-Man Fame

Andrew Garfield is poised to make his debut as Spider-Man when “The Amazing Spider-Man” hits theaters on July 3, but according to the young man’s parents, fame hasn’t gone to his head.

“He’s always been grounded and he remains grounded today,” Andrew’s dad, Richard, told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson and Scott “Movie” Mantz, at the premiere of the film on Thursday night in Los Angeles. ”We’re more proud of him today than any other time because he’s still the grounded young man that he always was and it’s fantastic.”

Andrew’s dad and mom – Lynn – joined their son on the red carpet on Thursday and spoke about the day their baby called them up and told them he got the gig as Spider-Man.

“He called us in the middle of the night from Cancun when he got the job and we were in England and we couldn’t go back to sleep because we were so excited,” Richard recounted. “And I said to my wife, I’m sure that he dressed up — we dressed him up [as] Spider-Man when he was like 2 or 3. Then, about three hours later, we still couldn’t sleep, we raced downstairs, went through all of our old pictures, and there was a photograph of him!”

Andrew’s mom, Lynn, actually made that first Spidey costume.

“[It was a] good costume. It was a genuinely good costume and much more comfortable than the one I’ve been wearing for this movie,” Andrew laughed.

Andrew sent the picture of his toddler self in the homemade costume to his reps who actually passed it on to director Marc Webb.

“They were shameless enough to send it to, to the director,” Andrew said, noting that it helped firm up in the producers’ minds that he was the right man to do the red and blue Spidey suit.

“I think that they were reassured that I was a fan, you know? That makes a huge difference and, it means they knew I’d work as hard as I possibly could,” Andrew said.

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