Anne Hathaway & Donatella Versace Gush Over Working Together For Versace Icons Collection (EXCLUSIVE)

Donatella Versace found the perfect star of her newest campaign in Anne Hathaway!

The actress is one of the faces of Versace Icons, a collection of stylish wardrobe essentials.

“I felt Anne should be the ambassador of this collection because she is an icon,” Donatella exclusively told Access Hollywood guest correspondent Zanna Roberts Rassi ahead of an event for the collection in New York City. “She’s gorgeous. She has children. She has a family. She has a sense of humor. She’s very intelligent. What do you want more?”

Anne had the same admiration for Donatella, telling Access that the fashion icon is as genuine as it gets.

“What I observe from Donatella is that it’s all real … I think it’s very easy to look at someone as stylish and as fashionable as Donatella and not understand the depth of the kindness and how genuine and warm, and the fact that you have a $2 billion business but you’re also really about family,” she shared.

“I think that often times, when we think about women, we think of ourselves in terms of contradiction and contradiction being a bad thing,” Anne continued. “One of the things that has been amazing to me is the way that I am valued alongside the Versace iconography and being seen as someone who can contribute to it as well. That’s been amazing.”

Donatella also explained what sets the collection apart from others Versace has done.

“The Icon collection is a very simple collection for Versace, but what’s amazing is the fabric, the quality of the fabric, the quality of the cuts of the clothes. Even the simplicity of the little black dress – it fits you so well that you feel empowered. You feel, ‘Oh my god, I look good today.’ And this is what I want to convey to women,” she shared.

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