Anne Heche On Her ‘Men In Trees’ Romance

“Men In Trees” star Anne Heche has found love with her co-star James Tupper and she talked about the relationship in a recent interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush.

“You came here hoping to find a steady job and raise your family, right?” Billy asked during Access Hollywood’s “Men In Trees” Canada set visit.

“Yes,” Anne replied.

“And then love struck on the set, didn’t it?” Billy continued.

“Oh sure, sure a lot of love struck, yeah,” she replied.

In addition to bonding with the “Men In Trees” cast and crew, Heche found romance with Tupper.

“You weren’t expecting that?” Billy asked the star.

“Well, no. I don’t think I was expecting [it]. I’ve found friendships with people here and I certainly found a friendship with James,” she replied. “Out of our understanding that we want to live life the same way, have the same point of view on life, we just were lucky enough to fall in love.”

One major snag in the romance? Both were married when they met. James is now separated from his wife and Anne ended a five-year marriage with cameraman Coley Laffoon.

“You know for people out there — a lot of times they have these images of Hollywood actors who work together, and they end of falling for each other, and I think a lot of people in America probably say, ‘Come on! Snap out of it! That’s acting, this is fantasy,” Billy said.

“I don’t know,” Heche said. “I think it’s kind of no mistake. I think people find each other who are kind of similar and through talking and sharing, you find that you want to spend more time with them.”

When the time was right, Heche escorted Billy to meet her new man.

“You came up here for a role on a show, and found love. That must have been unexpected?” Billy asked.

“It was unexpected,” James answered. “I’d heard a lot of things about Anne like everybody else and I came up here keeping my mind open and found this wonderful, hardworking, beautiful woman.”

“She mentioned you see life in the same way,” Billy noted.

“We do,” Tupper replied. “We have a lot of fun together.”

Billy later turned his questions back to Heche.

“You have lived a very courageous life, haven’t you?” he asked.

“I don’t know if it’s courageous, but I’ve lived a big life,” she said.

“You’ve marched on Washington, you’ve been to the White House,” Billy reminded her. “The relationship with Ellen . . . and then out of it.”

“It’s my heart,” Anne replied. “I gotta go where it leads . . . People are somewhat confused by me and I understand that, but I am also proud that I’m a woman who represents … making difficult choices that bring you to where you want to be.”

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