Bear Grylls Tests Competitors To Shocking Survivalist Challenges In New Reality Series ‘I Survived Bear Grylls’ (Exclusive)

Bear Grylls is testing fans and survivalist enthusiasts to try their luck at daring challenges on his new series “I Survived Bear Grylls.”

In an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood, the famed wilderness maven opened up about why this was a project he has been dying to take on for years.

“I meet a lot of people all the time who come up to me and say ‘if I was dropped in quick sand I would be great,” he shared. “On this show I just thought, let’s recreate some nightmare disaster survival scenario mini environments, put people in it. See who is all words and see who actually has the heart and that survivor spirit has to keep calm in a crisis, be resourceful, be determined, adaptable to push through and win.”

In the first episode of the new series, the legendary outdoorsman tests five wannabe survivalists to extreme, gross and hilarious challenges based on his own adventures.

“I feel it’s better than we ever hoped. It was all about bringing that kind of spirit of empowerment that I know the wild and the outdoors gives us all, but bringing it into that armchair adventurer world,” he said.

The contestants who survive Bear win a $10,000 prize.

Bear said they are reimagining real situations he has been in many times for the people on the show.
“Everything from climbing stuff to quicksand, to being freezing cold, to being boiling hot. Having to eat some terrible things. It’s all about testing these people’s adaptability,” he explained.

“I Survived Bear Grylls” premieres on TBS May 18.

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