Britney Spears Posts and Deletes 22-Minute Rant About Conservatorship: ‘My Family Threw Me Away’

Britney Spears is getting honest about the last 13 years of her life.

The pop star seemed to have posted and deleted a 22-minute audio clip to her YouTube channel on Sunday where she shared new revelations about her conservatorship.

During the candid voice memo, the 40-year-old appeared to reveal that she has had a number of interview opportunities from big names like Oprah Winfrey but decided to tell her story in her own words.

“I’m here to open myself to others and shed a light on it. I get nothing out of sharing this…I have offers [for] lots and lots of money…to me, it’s beyond a sit-down, proper interview,” she said.

Britney reportedly went on to chronical her conservatorship from her point of view, touching on her family’s role in her life over the past decade under the strict set up.

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“It was demoralizing. You also have to understand, it was like 15 years of touring and doing shows. And I’m 30 years old, living under my dad’s rules. And while all of this is going on, my mom’s witnessing this, my brother, my friends — they all go along with it,” she claimed.

At one point Britney seemed to admit that she may be more upset with her mother, Lynne Spears, than her dad, revealing that she felt like her mom should have helped her get a lawyer and get out.

“How did they get away with it? And what the f*** did I do to deserve it?” Britney says.

She also opened up about the #FreeBritney movement, reflecting on her family again.

“The whole thing that made it really confusing for me is these people are on the street fighting for me, but my sister and my mother aren’t doing anything,” Spears says. “To me, it was like they secretly honestly liked me being the bad one — like I was messed up, and they kind of just liked it that way. Otherwise, why weren’t they outside my doorstep, saying, ‘Baby girl, get in the car. Let’s go.’”

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In the message, Britney got emotional.

“How the f*** did they get away with it? How is there a god? Is there a god? I was so so weak…I was scared, broken. I’m sharing this because I want people to know I’m only human…how can I mend this, if I don’t talk about this,” she added.

Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears, served as her conservator until September 2021, when he was suspended from the role. In November 2021, a judge agreed to release the “Toxic” singer from conservatorship.

“How much effort and work and heart I put in to what I did when I did work, even down to the details of how many rhinestones are going to be in my costumes. I care so much. And they literally killed me. They threw me away. That’s what I felt — I felt like my family threw me away.”

Despite admitting she was fearful of judgment ahead of sharing her story, she went to explain that she hopes it will help others.

“I’m here honestly just to open myself to others and try to shed a light on, if anyone out there has gone through hardships or whatever it is, to put a light on it so that person doesn’t feel alone because I really know what it feels like,” she said.

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