BTS’ Songwriter Lindgren Speaks Out On Why The Group Is A Phenomenon (EXCLUSIVE)

BTS is one of the biggest musical groups in the world, and now one of their songwriters is speaking out.

Lindgren, who co-wrote their new single “Stay Gold,” exclusively spoke out to Access Hollywood sharing tons of behind-the-scenes details about working with the K-pop superstars.

The artist, who is originally from Berlin, Germany, revealed why he thinks the group is a huge phenomenon.

“They are just the pinnacle of pop culture. They have it all: Catchy songs, deep messages without being depressing, music videos that suck you in and blow you away and the most dedicated fanbase I have ever witnessed. And on top of that their live shows are something everybody should have on their bucket list. It’s truly amazing,” he told us exclusively.

The artist, who previously collaborated with BTS on their hit single featuring Halsey “Boy With Luv,”  also revealed what it was like working on their hit single, “Stay Gold.”

“Usually we, Melanie Fontana and I, get sent fully produced instrumentals from the label to which we write melodies. ‘Stay Gold’ came together in a very different way. We were on a writing trip to Japan and had a session with our friends SUNNY BOY and UTA and had been given the lead that BTS was looking for a single for their Japanese release.  Melanie and I had just co-written ‘Boy With Luv’ and it was doing so well that we didn’t even think twice before we jumped at the opportunity. UTA had already started the track and was quietly perfecting it in his room while Melanie, Sunny and I jammed in his living room, slowly putting together all the melodies for the verses and chorus,” he revealed.

“I don’t remember who came up with the title at all but I know how it happened: The first thing I said when I heard the track was ‘Yo, this should be a Bruno Mars feature’ (a boy can dream, OK?!) and then we just brainstormed titles that we could see Bruno and BTS sing together. As always with BTS songs we leave a lot of room in between our ideas so they can work their magic within our outline, so we laid down a demo and sent it off. When we got word that the boys were gonna work on it, we were already back in the US and immediately got on a group chat with Sunny Boy and had a little virtual celebration. I’m so happy that everybody can enjoy ‘Stay Gold’ now.”

Lindgren also revealed what it was like working with the K-pop idols.

“I’d say I’m more working for BTS. And I’m beyond honored to be allowed into that world. In pop music you can sometimes forget about the purpose of your music. You lose sight of what the music means to the fans. With BTS, this is never the case.

They care so tremendously about every single heart they touch and I’m doing my best to help in any way I can. It feels important,” he shared.

— Stephanie Swaim

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