Cardi B Gets Funny Letter From Penn Badgley’s ‘You’ Character: ‘How Joe Found My New House Address?’

Joe Goldberg has found a new object of his obsession: Cardi B!

The “Up” rapper shared a photo of a surprise gift she received from the team behind Netflix’s “You” on Twitter on Thursday.

The package included a navy baseball cap emblazoned with Penn Badgley’s character Joe’s inner-monologue catchphrase, “Hello, you,” as well as a personalized love letter written in his signature voice.

The note began, “Hello, you… My stalking and killing may make me a certified freak, seven days a week” – a reference to Cardi’s hit song “WAP” – “but it also brought me to… you.”

“Cardi B, you have a way with social media. You’re meaningful. Substantive. I just like you. You’re authentic and nuanced… just as you are with your music. You keep me on my toes, the ones that are left, at least. You can’t be caged in, and it’s refreshing,” the note continued.

The letter concluded, “Can’t wait to see you slaying in this hat, but I certainly hope you don’t disappear. Au Revoir, Joe Goldberg.”

Cardi seemed to be stunned by the gift, and humorously wrote on Twitter, “How Joe found my new house [address]?”

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Penn Badgley: From ‘Gossip Guy’ To Big Screen Star

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The gesture marks the latest move in a lovefest between Cardi and the world of “You.”

It all started last month when Cardi B discovered a resurfaced video of Penn complimenting her “authentic relationship” with social media.

“OOOOMMFFFGGGGGG HE KNOWS ME !!! OMMMGGGG!!!!!! Yoooo like I’m famous famous,” she gushed on Twitter.

Penn quickly noticed the music superstar’s excited message and was at a loss for words, simply writing back, “I–.”

To keep the fun going even more, Cardi and Penn both changed their Twitter avatars to photos of each other – and they haven’t changed them back since!

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