Carre Otis Details Turbulent Marriage To Mickey Rourke In New Memoir

Mickey Rourke received critical acclaim in 2009 for the film, “The Wrestler.” And during the 1980s, Mickey was one of Hollywood’s rising stars with a serious bad boy reputation. It was during that wild time that Mickey met and married Carre Otis – and now, Carre opens up in her new memoir about her volatile relationship with Mickey, one she claims almost cost her, her life.

“He was a really powerful person, which is very magnetizing, enthralling for a young girl,” Carre told Access Hollywood.

Carre, 19 then, was working as a model in the late 1980s when she caught Mickey Rourke’s attention.

He cast her in the movie “Wild Orchid,” and a tumultuous relationship was born.

In her book, “Beauty, Disrupted,” she claims Mickey was controlling from the start and that in 1991, things turned dangerous.

“We were on a set in Santa Fe, Mickey was working, and there was a horrific accident,” Carre recounted. “There was a gun, his gun, it was in a bag.”

Not knowing about the gun Mickey put in her bag, Carre threw the bag down and the gun went off.

“I was hit with a .357 bullet,” she said. “It was about two inches from my heart. It exited through my shoulder. I was really unbelievably lucky that is didn’t hit a bone.”

Carre claims a fight turned physical in 1992, the first of numerous times she says Mickey hit her.

A rep for the actor did not respond to a request for comment from Access Hollywood regarding Carre’s allegations in her book; however, he has previously denied abuse allegations.

In her book Carre also writes about Mickey’s violent marriage proposal.

She claims he pulled out a sword and said, “Answer me, or I will die.”

“He had just come back from Japan, and was trying in a very gallant way to express his love, and that he had changed, and that he couldn’t live without me,” she told Access. “If I had had better sense, I would have said, ‘Wow — this is really dysfunctional,’ and run for the hills.”

They did marry, however, and Carre’s trouble got worse when she tried heroin in 1994.

She had already frequently used cocaine as a model as a way to keep her weight down.

Anorexia was a constant struggle in her life.

“The drugs [were] a way to medicate and allow me to stay in that situation. And to not feel everything I was feeling,” Carre said. “I got in over my head so quick and recognized I was in over my head. I was very fortunate to get… help and Mickey helped me to get out of that and get treatment.”

Once sober, Carre went into therapy and embarked on a spiritual path.

She divorced Mickey in 1998 and today she is married again with two young daughters.

“I’m a full-time mom — it’s a totally fulfilling and rewarding life,” she said.

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