Chelsea & Cole DeBoer Reveal If They Ever Struggle Working Together On ‘Down Home Fab’

Chelsea and Cole DeBoer have so much love for each other!

The couple spoke with Access Hollywood about the new season of their hit HGTV series, “Down Home Fab,” and shared about the dynamic of working together as a married couple.

Chelsea and Cole DeBoer on “Down Home Fab” (Photo: HGTV)

“I feel like it just works for us. And I know that sounds almost silly and that’s what everyone would say but we genuinely enjoy being together. I feel like we make everyday fun. So it just works, but I mean of course there’s challenges and there’s always some bickering going on, but it genuinely is fun,” Chelsea said.

Cole added, “I feel like we just both have our own lane. She doesn’t tell me how to build things, I don’t tell her what looks good with what so, stay in your lane.”

“Down Home Fab” airs Thursdays at 9PM ET/PT on HGTV and will be available to stream the same day and time on Max.

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