Chris Hemsworth Details How It Felt To Film ‘Extraction 2’ Stunt Atop 50 MPH Moving Train

Chris Hemsworth went without a stunt double for the vast majority of “Extraction 2’s” intense action sequences!

“The nature of what we’re trying to do, this immersive style of action filmmaking with these long, extended takes, and we have one camera – it really has to be him,” director Sam Hargrave told Access Hollywood. “He’s Tyler Rake, and we have to see our character doing as much as possible.”

“95 percent of this movie is Chris Hemsworth putting himself out there for the audience – standing on top of a moving train at 50 miles an hour with a helicopter 20 feet from his face, lighting him on fire and punching stunt performers in the face – I mean, the guy does it all,” he added. “There’s no challenge that we came up with during the course of filming that he wasn’t ready to tackle.”

When shooting the adventurous scene atop a moving train, Chris told Access he felt “a healthy amount of, ‘OK, this is a crazy thing I’m doing,’ but coupled with the excitement and the passion.”

“When you’re immersed in the experience so much, there’s no acting required at that point. It is spontaneous, and it’s real and truthful, and it gives it a look and authenticity that you can’t recreate on a greenscreen. So, it was scary but fun,” he explained.

Liam Hemsworth & Chris Hemsworth Shut Down ‘Extraction 2' Premiere with Gabrielle Brooks & Elsa Pataky

Liam Hemsworth & Chris Hemsworth Shut Down ‘Extraction 2′ Premiere with Gabrielle Brooks & Elsa Pataky

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Chris said that while he was looking forward to filming the “elevated and action-packed” stunts, he was really excited about the “emotional component” of the sequel.

“We only really touched upon the emotional backstory and what this individual was carrying in the first film in one or two scenes,” he explained. “So, to dive into that in a much deeper way, understand the past, the trauma, the guilt, the shame, everything he’s trying to bury beneath this tough exterior and strip that apart. It really helps resonate with the action; I think the two complement each other.”

“Extraction 2,” the follow-up to 2020’s “Extraction,” follows Chris’ black ops mercenary Tyler Rake on a thrilling new assignment.

The Marvel star filmed the sequel in 2021 and 2022 and had his and Elsa Pataky’s kids – India, Sasha and Tristan – join him on set. As the actor told Access, their little ones are even more adventurous than he is!

“Whatever genetic programming that is built in us to keep us alive, my kids don’t seem to have,” he quipped. “So, it’s terrifying, but again, the athletic ability is insane. They’re not real good at sitting still. They’re mountain bike-riding, they’re surfing, they’re skating, they’re skiing, snowboard, all that. It’s so cool, because they’re nine years old now, my boys, and my daughter’s 11. Just to be able to do activities with them and actually try and keep up is the fun.”

“Extraction 2” hits Netflix on June 16.

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Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky Stun On Romantic Date Night At 2022 AACTA Awards

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