Chris Pratt Beats Jimmy Fallon Big In ‘Box Of Lies’ During ‘The Tonight Show’

Chris Pratt Beats Jimmy Fallon Big In ‘Box Of Lies’ During ‘The Tonight Show’

Chris Pratt may be one of the best liars we’ve ever seen!

On Thursday, the hunky actor hit NBC’s “The Tonight Show” to promote his new Universal movie “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” (in theaters June 22) and he played a rousing game of “Box of Lies” with Jimmy Fallon. 

Despite Jimmy’s best efforts, he was no match for the wily Chris!

Chris first opened a box and decided to take a questioning approach, which definitely threw Jimmy off. Chris opened one of the mystery boxes first, and debated whether he should describe its unusual contents or tell the truth. As he checked out the box, he asked, “Is this real?”

Jimmy tried to study his expression as Chris continued on. 

“This is a small diorama of little people—dwarves—engaging in stretching, yoga,” Pratt said. “And they’re wearing hats.”

Jimmy seemed to think Chris was definitely lying about what was in the box and he shouted, “You lie.”

Chis called him a “sucka” and won the round! 

Next it was Jimmy’s turn. As he opened his box, he joked that the item inside is something Chris probably has at home. 

He revealed it was a “vibrating Jell-O mold of Jeff Goldblum.”

Chris guessed that Jimmy was telling the truth and won the round. “I do have one of those at home.”

“I have two of them,” Fallon said, “because they’re just so much fun!”

Check out more of the game below!

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