Cindy Crawford Shares Her Tips For Staying Beautiful Past 40

Cindy Crawford is stunningly beautiful at 44, and she credits one thing in particular for her looks — happiness.

“Be happy,” she told Kit Hoover and Billy Bush on Thursday’s Access Hollywood Live after Kit asked what were her tricks of the trade for looking so good. “Honestly, it’s the most important thing.”

While the supermodel, who has her own skincare line (Meaningful Beauty) and a line of jewelry and home wares (OneKiss) at JC Penney, doesn’t work out as often as she did during her catwalk days, she said a mixture of a decent diet and exercise is important.

“The secrets are – there’s no secrets,” she said. “I work out, I eat – I always say 80% good, 80 % of the time ‘cause that’s achievable.”

Cindy also credits her resilient beauty to practices she put in place when she was in her 20s.

“I think years of wearing sunscreen, taking care of my skin… it pays off now,” she explained. “When you’re 20, you’re kind of doing it, you could not do it and you’d still look the same, but if you do it for 20 years, you go, ‘Yeah! All that sunscreen, all that drinking water, all that trying to get enough sleep, using good skincare… it all pays off.”

The statuesque beauty and mom of two said she doesn’t have a cheat day for one particular reason.

“I need chocolate every day,” she laughed.

The brunette beauty said she also thinks women look better with a little meat on their bones, especially as they get older.

“If you’re very thin as you’re past 40, it shows in your in your face – you get that, you know, almost too skinny thing,” she said.

“Fortunately for me, [husband] Rande [Gerber] does not like that, so it makes it easy so I can enjoy food,” she added with a laugh.

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