CRAVITY Dishes On 2022 KCON Performance & Fan Love For ‘LIBERTY : IN OUR COSMOS’

CRAVITY is back and better than ever!

The K-pop superstars are set to perform at KCON Premiere 2022 Chicago on Friday, and they are super excited to hit the stage.

The group spoke exclusively with Access Hollywood and dished about what fans can expect to see when they hit the stage.

Q: What can you tease about your upcoming performance at KCON?

Minhee: “There’s nothing to spoil about it, you just have to watch our performances that can be described in one word : PERFECT.”

Seongmin: “I think there will be performances that make your adrenaline rush through! Also, there will be powerful dance break moves that we’ve all practiced!” 

Q: Have you been working on any new choreography for the performance, and how long have you been practicing before hitting the stage in Chicago?

– Serim: “We’ve been working on a new dance break part so please check out our stage.”

– Allen: “We prepared a special dance performance as well as an extended dance break for

‘Adrenaline’ just to show it off at the 2022 KCON premiere in Chicago. There is also a part where we dive into the seated area during one of our stages (you should definitely check it out) so we’re really looking forward to interacting with the fans up close! We practiced non-stop for about two weeks prior to flying out to the US so we really hope our efforts pay off and that the fans have fun and love our performances.”

Q: How does it feel being in the United States and what are you looking forward to most about KCON

– Woobin: “Our first offline stage KCON! I’m looking forward to the Global fan’s cheers the most!”

– Wonjin: “I really love the fact that I’m in the United States and I’m really looking forward to (hearing) our fans’ screams and cheers!”


how does that feel for you getting that kind of feedback?

– Jungmo: “We’ve worked really hard on this album so it just makes me proud and happy to see fans’ positive reactions!”

– Taeyoung: “It feels so happy because it was our dream and wish to make our fans happy and proud. Their love makes us smile.”

Q: What is next for you, do you have any new music in the works?

– Hyeongjun: “We’re gonna keep working on our next album. We don’t know when it’s going to be released but I promise that we’ll be back soon.”

KCON Premiere 2022 Chicago takes place May 20 and 21 at the Rosemont Theater.

— Stephanie Swaim

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