Does This Young Fan Know More Dodgers Trivia Than Star Player Justin Turner? (EXCLUSIVE)

Dylan Palmer is one impressive young man—he can rattle off baseball trivia better than most professional players!

The 6-year-old’s unique talent landed him a spot on Season 4 of “Little Big Shots,” a variety show hosted by comedian Melissa McCarthy where kids show off their ultra-remarkable skills. Access Hollywood got an exclusive sneak peek at Dylan’s journey!

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The Palmer family traveled to Dodger Stadium for the first time, and Dylan proved his trivia knowledge was nothing short of extraordinary. And while Dylan himself doesn’t actually play baseball (he’s afraid he’ll “never hit any home runs”), there’s one particular person he always watches out for on third base.

“I like facts about baseball,” a giggling Dylan said in the preview. “My favorite Dodgers player is Justin Turner.”

Fortunately, Dylan got to meet his favorite player during the trip—and even surprised Justin with his in-depth knowledge of the team!

“You hit 120 home runs,” Dylan informed a shocked Justin.

“I have? Oh my goodness, I didn’t even know I hit that many. That’s awesome,” the 35-year-old responded, before offering Dylan an official Dodgers baseball.

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If anyone can get Dylan to play ball, it’s surely Justin—but we’ll have to watch to find out!

Tune in to “Little Big Shots” on NBC April 26 at 7 PM EST to catch more of the sweet story.

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