Donald Trump Shares Memories Of Whitney Houston: She ‘Was A Great Person’

Donald Trump is one of the many across the globe mourning the death of Whitney Houston, but he has a personal connection to the superstar, having attended her wedding to Bobby Brown in 1992.

“She was very happy the night of her wedding, I can tell you that, ‘cause I spent a lot of time with them during their wedding and she was a very happy person and she really loved bobby Brown,” Trump recalled on Wednesday as he shared his memories of Houston with Access Hollywood, while promoting the upcoming season of “The Celebrity Apprentice.” “She really liked him a lot, loved him a lot. But it just didn’t work out.”

The business mogul said he was saddened over Houston’s death.

“I go to know Whitney very well over the years and she’s a terrific woman. Who would have known that it could have turned out this way,” Trump added. “[It’s] so sad, she was so talented, so wonderful. I have no idea if it was the marriage or what it was, but obviously it didn’t end properly for Whitney. Whitney was a great person.”

Trump told Access he never approached Houston for “The Celebrity Apprentice,” and he suggested her Bravo show was not helpful.

“They did that reality show on cable and I think that maybe that was the beginning of the end,” he said. “That was just not a good situation, and obviously she was troubled before they did the show, but that show was not a good thing for her and it certainly wasn’t good for a great star like that to being doing a show like they did it. It was a very sad situation.”

Although he is known for being a businessman, Trump said he had not heard the rumors that Houston was having money problems before her death at the age of 48 in Beverly Hills.

“I’ve never heard that she had money problems,” he said.

The reality TV star said he also had not heard anything about the reports that Clive Davis, Houston’s long time mentor, was footing her bills.

“Clive Davis has been with her from the beginning. He’s really been working very hard with Whitney and he’s both benefitted and suffered because of what’s going on and I just think Clive Davis has really tried to help Whitney over the years,” Trump said.

Houston will be laid to rest following an intimate funeral in her birth town of Newark New Jersey, and Trump told Access he has been asked to the ceremony.

“I’ve been asked to go and I’ll be looking into it,” he said.

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