‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 1 Finale Recap: ‘The Good Man’

“Fear The Walking Dead” wrapped up its first season on Sunday night, as the group attempted to reunite in the middle of the full-blown walker apocalypse.

The group had to battle a massive herd of the infected as they tried to find each other, and not everyone came out unscathed.

Here’s what happened in the show’s Season 1 finale, titled, “The Good Man”:

Ruben Blades as Daniel Salazar in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 1, Episode 6 — ‘The Good Man’

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It’s a desolate view of downtown Los Angeles in mostly black and white when “Fear The Walking Dead” returns for its Season 1 finale. The city looks abandoned. Fires are burning on the outskirts. At the arena though, there is movement – the infected that were put there by the National Guard and the Army, are rattling the doors ready to get out.

Also ready to get out (of town) are Madison and Travis. They pack as fast as they can, knowing they need to leave as soon as possible. “What about mom?” Chris asks his father. “We’re going to get her and Nick,” Travis replies. But Chris is worried. How exactly do they do that?

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Inside the room with Adams (at Madison’s house), Daniel gives the impression he’s done with the soldier, so Adams starts trying to speak through the duct tape over his mouth. The base their family members are being held at is like a “maze,” Adams tells Daniel, Madison and Travis. He can draw them a map. They won’t get in without him, Adams insists.

Meanwhile, inside the base downtown, Liza is getting a lesson in essential family members from Dr. Exner. She must decide who she really wants to come along when the evacuation crew arrives. Her final answer – just Chris (her son) and Travis (her ex).

Back at the house, knowing he’s in grave danger, Adams tries to reason with Travis before their journey to the base begins. “Please, there’s no story here that doesn’t end with me dead,” Adams tells Travis. The whole group (Adams is still alive) then heads out. They drive past neighbors who are sitting and eating dinner together, seemingly oblivious to everything that’s going on.

“They just left. They abandoned us,” Chris says, as they reach the unmanned fence at the end of the block. Daniel opens the gate and they all drive through, leaving it wide open behind them.

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Down at the base, Daniel walks up to the gate, alone. “Nice night,” he says. He’s quickly warned by the guards that he’s entering a restricted area and might be shot. “You should save your ammunition,” Daniel says, strolling away before a large pack of the infected move toward the gate, forcing the soldiers to fire. The stream of infected is endless.

In an underground parking lot, Daniel arrives and announces it’s time to go inside and find their families. He notices, though, that something is wrong – no Andy Adams. Travis claims Adams told him where to find their family members, and he believes him, so he let him go. “It was the right thing to do,” Madison adds. Alicia and Chris are left by the car as the adults head inside.

Inside the cage, Strand tells Nick not to draw any “unnecessary attention.” They make chitchat and even start to bond, but the sound of gunfire and alarm bells changes everything. “It’s time to go,” Strand says, looking in his jacket pocket — but his key is missing. Luckily, Nick has it (sneaky!). Strand smiles at the young man. He knows saving him was a wise move.

On the rooftop, Dr. Exner sees the herd of infected at the gate and knows the situation is dire. “The compound’s compromised and evac knows it,” she tells Liza. Dr. Exner gets on the radio, claiming to the evacuation team, who are in a helicopter overhead, that there really is time to extract them. But it’s clear from the fact that they aren’t landing now, that they never will, so Dr. Exner tells everyone to go outside — on the ground level (where there are trucks). She’ll take care of the patients.

Back in the parking lot, Alicia and Chris talk, then argue until something spooks them. They quickly jump in the car and duck. Moments later (while inside, Nick and Strand are escaping the cage), three soldiers break the windows of their SUV and demand the keys from Alicia and Chris. When they get too frisky with Alicia, Chris tries to defend her, but he’s knocked out. (Eventually, they take the keys and leave off screen.)

As Travis, Madison, Ofelia and Daniel search inside the base for their loved ones, Liza runs outside. She has an opportunity to get out with the exiting trucks, but a frightening sight stops her – the infected feasting on anyone they reach. Eventually, the gate surrounding the base collapses and it’s pure chaos. Inside the building things are crazy too. Strand, his suit still perfect, pulls Nick aside to avoid soldiers as they try to make their way out.

While the two men are in one part of the building, Travis, Daniel, Madison and Ofelia are in another, searching the caged area for Nick. He, though, is busy running into a locked door with Strand, as a pack of the infected chase them. Strand takes aim and fires, holding them off just long enough for Madison, Travis and company to arrive on the other side of the door. But… they can’t get the door open, so Nick tells his mom to go. But then, surprise! Liza turns up too, just in the nick of time, with a keycard that unlocks the door, reuniting Nick with the group.

As they all try to head out, they’re forced to grab hammers and kitchen tools to fight the infected. Once they’re in the clear, Liza tells Ofelia and Daniel the sad news — Griselda didn’t make it. “I want to see my mother,” Ofelia pleads. “There’s nothing left to see,” Liza tells her.

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The group passes Dr. Exner on their way out and she tells them how to get back to the parking lot. She won’t be coming with them. Strand will, though, and he wants to know what the plan is. When Madison explains it’s to head east, to the desert, he has another idea – go west.

In the parking garage, the whole group reunites, but watching Travis and Madison get reunited with their loved ones makes Ofelia drop to the ground as she thinks of her late mother. As the teens hug their parents, Adams (Andy) comes out of nowhere, aiming his gun at Daniel. Ofelia tries to reason with him, and he shoots her. As Liza and Daniel look after Ofelia, Travis loses it, punching Adams’ head until Madison pulls him off the man, who will clearly never recover.

And now, it’s time to go. In the backseat of Madison’s car, Strand plans their driving route out. His advice? Take the empty riverbed. It’s the right move. The freeways are jammed with empty cars. Eventually, they make it to a house on a cliff, overlooking the ocean – one with a backup generator.

As they all take a breather, Madison and Nick have a heart-to-heart. “I never knew where I was going,” he says about his life before everything changed. “It’s like I’ve been living this for a long time, and now, everyone is catching up with me.”

Sometime later, Nick catches up with Strand, who reveals they won’t be staying, and uses some long-range binoculars to show him the new goal. There’s a boat out in the water named Abigail.

Liza has something serious on her mind, and she walks down the cliff, followed by Madison. At the bottom, she reveals her horrible predicament as she pulls up her shirt – she’s been bitten. There’s nothing left to do. She’ll die, and she’ll turn, so Liza hands Madison a gun and asks her to do the same thing Madison asked her to do earlier in the season. “Don’t ask me, Liza, I can’t,” Madison says. But she doesn’t have to. Travis arrives, and it’s left to him.

Back at the house, Chris and Alicia are laughing and eating popsicles when they hear a gunshot. They run to the scene and Chris collapses over his mom. Madison comforts Travis on the beach as he sobs while the tide rolls in.

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