Gwyneth Paltrow Dishes On New Collection With Copper Fit & Her Love Of Wellness

Gwyneth Paltrow is all about living a healthy, balanced life.

The Goop founder spoke with Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall and shared about her collection with Copper Fit, her love of wellness, and more.

“It’s really head to toe and it really covers great workout clothes. But then, my favorite products are the ones that bring extra support. So, the fingerless gloves, they’re really nice for support of the hands. You know, all the typing and texting all the time. I love the compression socks, I wear them every time I go on an airplane. Their knee braces are super comfortable, and it’s all infused with copper so they feel really good. I’m like actually a big user of the product,” the Copper Fit paid spokesperson said.

Gwyneth Paltrow's Fierce Fashion

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Fierce Fashion

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The 50-year-old also opened up about her fascination with wellness, saying her interest all began when her father Bruce Paltrow, was diagnosed with cancer.

“I just thought, gosh, do we impact our health outcomes? Meaning, does what we eat and how we think about ourselves, and the toxins that we absorb, is this all impacting our wellness? The very, very early days, people didn’t talk about wellness at all in the 90s. I just sort of started experimenting, doing research on clean food, environmental toxins, pesticides, the mind-body connection. Which people thought the gut-mind connection at that point was insane and now of course it’s proven science. I just started doing experiments and realizing, wow, it actually, I do feel better if I walk to work. And I do feel better if I do yoga. And just understanding what the body is capable of when you give it the conditions to be strong and to not eat junk food and stuff like that. Those incremental gains that you feel, and I found it empowering, this idea that we can really impact the way we feel every morning when we wake up,” she said.

However, the actress is all about a life of balance. She shared about some of her favorite things she likes to indulge on when she’s having a “treat” days, revealing she is a big fan of fried food.

She also spoke about a milestone her daughter Apple recently celebrated, when she went off to college. Gwyneth, who shares her 18-year-old daughter with ex Chris Martin, opened up about the experience of dropping her daughter off at college, saying she “cried for days.”

“When I dropped her at college it felt like there was this final cutting of the umbilical cord. We’re extremely close and we talk everyday but it felt, at the time, like the end of something. It was really profound. I cried for days,” Gwyneth shared. “She’s such a cool person. She went with such an open mind and heart. And we’re very close, so she was worried that she would… She’s also very present to her feelings, and it was only a couple times that she was like, ‘Oh, I miss home.’ But otherwise, she kind of hit the ground running.”

— Stephanie Swaim

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