Harry Styles Sent Lizzo Flowers To Celebrate ‘About Damn Time’ Beating His No. 1 Spot

Everything is golden between pop stars Lizzo and Harry Styles. When Lizzo’s song “About Damn Time” rose to the number one spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 list, unseating Harry Styles’ reigning number one hit “As It Was”, Styles didn’t waste any time in congratulating her.

Lizzo took to TikTok and Instagram to show off the gorgeous bouquet of flowers Styles sent her, complete with chrysanthemums and roses of every color.

In the video, Lizzo says, “Thanks for the flowers, Harry,” before taking a sniff of one of the roses and smiling back up at the camera.

Lizzo captioned the video, “Y’all harry got me flowers congratulating me on about damn time going #1 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭”.

@lizzo Yall harry got me flowers congratulating me on about damn time going #1 ♬ I Love You Bitch – Lizzo

Styles’ single, “As It Was”, previously held the number one spot for ten weeks before being dethroned by “About Damn Time”.

Originally released as a single, “About Damn Time” is part of Lizzo’s newest album “Special” which was released earlier in July.

The song was an immediate hit, becoming especially popular on TikTok after a dance to the chorus went viral. Now, it’s a full-blown trend, with A-list actors like Bruce Willis finding themselves dancing to the irresistibly catchy chorus.

This is not Lizzo’s first time at the number one spot. Her single “Truth Hurts” previously dominated the top of the Hot 100 list for seven weeks in the Fall of 2019.

While we love to see icons supporting icons, this does leave us wondering – what can we do to get Harry Styles to send us flowers?

— Hayley Santaflorentina

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