Hoda Kotb & Al Roker Have A ‘Lady & The Tramp’ Moment Splitting Candy Bar On ‘TODAY’ Show

Al Roker and Hoda Kotb enjoyed a candy bar for two on live TV!

The “TODAY” show anchors playfully took some inspiration from “Lady in the Tramp’s” famous spaghetti scene during a segment on Wednesday’s show about America’s snacking habits.

When a PayDay candy bar was brought out, Al remarked that the look of the treat unwrapped was “not that appealing” in his eyes.

His fellow co-hosts all urged him to take a bite, but he asked viewers to choose his fate for him!

“America, do you want this? Go on our ‘TODAY’ Twitter. Do you want to see me eat the PayDay?” he quipped.

Later in the show, the votes came in, and it was clear viewers wanted him to eat the snack.

Al was game, but he asked for some assistance from Hoda!

“Would you help me? Kind of a ‘Lady in the Tramp’ [moment],” he told her.

The TV personalities each took a bite from a separate end of the bar as co-workers laughed over the instantly meme-worthy moment!

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