Idina Menzel Reveals When She Knew ‘Amazing’ Husband Aaron Lohr Was ‘The One’ (Exclusive)

Idina Menzel has major love for her husband!

The beloved Broadway star joined Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans on Golf Cart Confessions where she talked about her new album, “Drama Queen,” her marriage to Aaron Lohr and even that infamous “Adele Dazeem” Oscars moment.

As for her relationship with her husband, Idina revealed when she knew Aaron was “the one” for her.

“Well he was a ‘Bash Brother’ in the ‘Mighty Ducks’,” she said with a laugh, adding, “He’s just, he’s special. And he’s an amazing stepdad to my son and he’s a great listener. And he’s very soulful. He just gets me.”

She also spoke about the viral moment at the 2014 Academy Awards ceremony, when John Travolta accidentally called her “Adele Dazeem” onstage. Idina said he apologized for the flub and she has nothing but love for the actor.

“He sent apology flowers, he was great. I always tell people, no complaints here!” she said.

She also shared about her album, “Drama Queen.”

“I did what I wanted to do with this album, music that I always wanted to make without worrying about what other people were gonna think or what was expected of me,” she shared.

She described the sound of the album as “dance” and “disco-inspired.”

“I felt like I had the permission to do it even though people might know me from the theater because the women I grew up listening to like Barbra Streisand or Donna Summer or Cher, they’ve all had amazing dance moments in their careers. So I think it’s the kind of music that’s perfect for big, dynamic voices.”

“Drama Queen” is out now.

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