James Charles Issues Public Apology Following Drama With Tati Westbrook

James Charles is telling a sister that he’s sorry.

Following Tati Westbrook’s 43-minute long video titled, “BYE SISTER…” which was released on Friday, James took to his own channel to apologize.

In the video, he appears sad and shaken as he addresses the camera, expressing how sorry he is to Tati and the beauty community at large.

Basically what went down, if you haven’t been following the drama, is that during Coachella, James promoted Sugar Bear Hair, a direct competitor to his long-time friend Tati’s gummy vitamin line.

This upset Tati, who went on her Instagram story and posted a video where she cried and talked about feeling betrayed. Her Insta story ended up striking a nerve with beauty guru Gabriel Zamora who went onto call her out and say that she should just make a full video spilling the tea, which is exactly what she did.

In her video, Tati claims that James betrayed her, as she’s been supporting him for a long time dating back to when he only had 20k subscribers, and saying that she’s completely done with him.

She also says she doesn’t condone how he’s been acting lately, alleging that he’s emotionless and only cares about staying relevant. Tati also brings up how James always jokes about wanting to hook up with straight men, something he has joked about in previous videos, saying that kind of behavior is not funny.

James also addresses this in his apology video, saying that he’s sorry.

Following the release of Tati’s video, James lost roughly a million YouTube subscribers, and if you’re interested there’s a live update going on analytics website SocialBlade.com where you can see exactly how many people are leaving his channel.

Prominent beauty guru Jeffree Star appeared to take Tati’s side, unfollowing James on Instagram and sending a cryptic tweet to Tati.

“HUGE congratulations to the makeup queen @GlamLifeGuru on hitting 6 MILLION subscribers on YouTube today!!! You are one of a kind,” he wrote.

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