Jason Momoa Says Fans Will See Him As A ‘Total Nerd’ In New Series ‘On The Roam’

Jason Momoa is doing everything he loves in his new Max series “On The Roam.”

The eight-part docuseries follows the 44-year-old as he travels across the country to meet craftsmen and artisans who are blazing their own path.

For Jason, who co-directed and executive-produced the series, it was an opportunity to combine all of his interests.

“It’s just everything I love,” he told Access Hollywood. “My job is to study life as an actor, and so you get to go with all these opportunities and learn new things you’ve never learned and I’m like this is just the things that I’m curious [about] in my life and I wanted to try it.”

The series also showed audiences a new, more unfiltered, side of Jason.

“I’ve never done anything quite like this where it’s all me and it’s very revealing and silly and it’s unedited,” he said. “We should have edited things out so I could still stay cool, but I’m not. You just get to see me as a total nerd in the things that I nerd out on and with all my friends.”

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In the show, fans will see Jason visit photographers and the craftspeople who create Gibson guitars. For him, it was special to meet people who do things by hand.

“Those are the most beautiful things to have. I’m sure there’s things in your life that are hand-crafted that someone’s given you and those are the most personal things that have the most love and touch,” he said.

In the spirit of keeping hand-crafted items, Jason said he still has several things his kids made when they were little.

“I have all the things my kids built from when they were a kid. I have all of it. I have all their — not all of their paintings—but I have a lot of their important paintings and I have things that they made like little arrows,” Jason said. “[My son] now when he sees it he’s like ‘Wow, you still have that.’ [It’s] because that’s because that’s who I am. Those are the things that are more important to me than any diamond or anything could ever be.”

“On the Roam” premieres on Jan 18 on Max.

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