Jason & Travis Kelce’s Mom Donna Shares How She’s Preserving Family Memories For Future Generations

Family is everything to Donna Kelce, and over the holidays, she makes it a priority to make new Kelce memories and share old ones with her grandchildren.

“It’s fun to be around the grandkids, and it’s so important to share stories and reminisce and share memories, you know, so that my grandchildren take those things and remember them for later on,” she told Access Hollywood.

“It’s a good thing to do over the holidays– to share and try to find out about all the stories, all the rumors, all the legends and all the things that happened in the past with their parents and grandparents, so it’s kind of fun,” Donna added.

The NFL supermom – whose sons are Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce – has a partnership with Ancestry.com, and she says she uses the platform to document their family history for future generations.

“I’ve been a customer for many years, and it’s enlightening for me to know some of the new things that they have out there to be able to preserve all these memories for future generations,” she shared. “It’s really kind of cool. You can upload photos, pictures, memories, recipes, even audio, and your great-great-grandchild will be able to look back and see what you’ve done and how you affected society.”

Donna Kelce Gives Cookies To Jason Kelce And Travis Kelce At Super Bowl LVII

Donna Kelce Gives Cookies To Jason Kelce And Travis Kelce At Super Bowl LVII

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Jason and Travis have certainly affected society with their historic sibling match-up at Super Bowl LVII and their brotherhood on and off the field, and Donna has been a big part of it every step of the way. She famously wore a half-Eagles half-Chiefs jersey to see her sons play in the big game, and she told Access she’ll sport it again on Nov. 20 when Jason and Travis face off for Monday Night Football.

When asked about the best gift she’s gotten from her sons, she said being able to travel with them and go to big events like the ESPYs takes the cake.

“It’s moments of time that are special to them, and I get to enjoy in them,” she said. “That’s what I appreciate the most is that they want me around – not 100 percent of the time – but there are times in their life when they’re happy their mom is there, and I’m glad that I can share things with them.”

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