Jason Wahler Reveals The Real Reason He Joined ‘The Hills’ Reboot

Jason Wahler is looking back at his time on “The Hills.”

The 32-year-old, who now stars in MTV’s hit reboot “The Hills: New Beginnings,” confessed to Access Hollywood that he truly regrets being the reason Lauren Conrad choose him over spending the summer in Paris with Teen Vogue.

“I wish she would have done her thing, and enjoyed and embraced everything,” Jason told Access Hollywood, referencing one of the show’s most iconic storylines.

Adding, “But everything happens for a reason, I think she is doing OK.”

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Lauren’s “The Hills” co-star and former “Teen Vogue” co-worker, Whitney Port, who was shown packed and ready to go curbside at LAX to leave for the trip her pal passed on back in 2008, recently claimed that it wasn’t actually a real opportunity.

But Jason told Access Hollywood that Lauren’s tough decision was very real, saying, “(Lauren) didn’t go (on the trip), so Whitney must have a different story then.”

The infamous trip isn’t the only narrative that has been super real to Jason!

The “Laguna Beach” alum, who has been open about his sobriety journey on the current season of “The Hills,” told Access Hollywood the real reason he and his wife Ashley decided to join the reboot.

“10 or 12 years ago I went through a very public battle with addiction, you know, and for me to come back and be sober now, and to show what recovery looks like … it’s a great opportunity,” he said.

Adding, “(I wanted) to come back and be able to show that life in recovery is absolutely amazing and you can actually find a life that’s worth living.”

Jason, who is the founder and owner of Widespread Recovery in Laguna Beach, Calif., wants to use the reality drama as a platform to show awareness to mental health and addiction. His wife told Access Hollywood that the narrative fans see on the show, including Jason’s recent “slip,” is all very real.

“We made a deal with each other that whatever we were going through, we were going to show it, because that’s what our real life and our real recovery looks like,” Ashley said.

Jason echoed his wife’s comment, adding, “Especially when I work a program, a big part of it is honesty, I don’t want to be portrayed as nothing happened on the show and live this secret lie. It’s my journey, it’s for me, but I agreed to share what we were doing on the show. Again, we got an unbelievable response by doing it. The feedback we got back from people … it makes me feel incredible.”

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