Jeremy Renner’s Doctor Says He’ll Be Doing Stunts Again ‘Sooner Than We Expect’ After Snowplow Accident

Jeremy Renner’s miraculous recovery has impressed more than just his fans.

Dr. Christopher Vincent, who has been treating the “Hawkeye” star since his terrifying snowplow accident in January, spoke with Access Hollywood’s Mario Lopez on Thursday about the actor’s odds-defying prognosis.

According to Vincent, moviegoers can hope to see Renner doing Marvel-worthy stunts on the big screen again not only with “no physical limitations,” but also “sooner” than expected!

“Absolutely, there’s no doubt, he may be a little more reserved to do all of his own stunts but there will be no, absolutely no physical limitations,” Vincent said, noting that Renner may be thinking of his return to set already.

“If it was up to him he would probably be trying to do it next week,” Vincent said of the Oscar nominee, adding that he “could be ready” in “the next few months.”

Jeremy Renner From 'The Hurt Locker' To Marvel Star

Jeremy Renner From ‘The Hurt Locker’ To Marvel Star

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Vincent attributes Renner’s recovery to a rare dedication and noted that the actor is so motivated to be “stronger, better” than he even was before that he has to be reminded to take it easy!

“He’s a special breed of people, really a superhero in that aspect, with that mindset, and the drive to push through. These last few weeks we’ve actually had to pull him back a little bit, to have him recover,” Vincent said, confirming that the actor is now standing again.

The 52-year-old was run over by a seven-ton snowcat on his Reno, Nev., property on New Year’s Day and broke more than 30 bones in the incident, including multiple ribs, in addition to suffering from a collapsed lung and other injuries.

“I immediately thought the worst,” Vincent said, explaining that, given the extent of Renner’s condition, he was sure there would be neurological damage rendering the actor a paraplegic or even a quadriplegic.

Luckily, Vincent explained, the snowcat had missed most of Renner’s vital organs and, importantly, his brain and spinal cord.

The plow crushed Renner after he attempted to save his nephew from its path and he told Diane Sawyer in a recent interview that he’d “do it again” if it meant getting his loved one out of harm’s way –  a character trait which Vincent said speaks to what he’s witnessed in Renner himself.

Vincent told Access that Renner’s family continues to be a driving force in his health journey, especially his 10-year-old daughter, Ava.

“I always ask the question, you know, I see this drive in certain people, it’s: ‘What gives them that drive, what gives them that motivation?’ And I think for Jeremy, it really is his family,” Vincent said, recalling how he’s spoken with Renner’s mother, sister and nephew.

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Though Vincent told Access that Renner will need to be mindful of his recovery for “the rest of his life” and will experience ups and downs along the way, he’s already gotten through “the hard part” and should be resuming daily activities within an estimated month.

As far as regaining a full range of motion that will see him “running, jumping and flying through the air” again, Vincent predicts that will take the “better part of a year” but clarified that Renner is already proving himself to be ahead of the curve.

“When I say a year of recovery, it’s to get him to kind of athlete, high performance mode. But there’s no doubt he’ll be doing stunts, doing action movies again, and probably sooner than we expect,” he said.

Watch Mario’s interview with Dr. Vincent only on Access Hollywood on Friday, April 7. Check your local listings.

— Erin Biglow

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