John Corbett Admits Aidan Shaw Is In ‘Sex And The City 2’

Apparently, not everything John Corbett says is to be believed.

On Wednesday, while taping Thursday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the actor revealed that contrary to his previous comments, he does indeed reprise his role of Carrie Bradshaw’s second big love interest, Aidan Shaw, in “Sex and The City 2.”

John, who appeared on “Ellen” to promote Season 2 of Showtime’s “United States of Tara” (the episode airs March 31) said he previously lied when he shot down rumors he wasn’t going to be in the film — rumors which surfaced after a photo appeared online last year that appeared to show the actor in Morocco at the same time “SATC2” was being shot.

“Now let’s talk about ‘Sex and The City’ the movie… Now are you in it or not?” Ellen asked.

“These rumors started about seven months ago because somebody took a picture of me in Morocco and I felt really bad because for the last six months every time somebody said, ‘Are you in this movie?’ I had to lie about it,” John said.

John said the reason he can now reveal he is back in the “SATC” fold is because he is featured in a promo clip from the new film.

“I just found out I’m going to be in the trailer so I get to break the news on your show that Aiden gets to come back to ‘Sex and The City,’” he said.

However, John did not reveal any more about his role, a rep for “Ellen” told Access.

In fact, the actor had an elaborate denial when he spoke to back in January while promoting “Tara.”

“I wasn’t in Morocco,” John told Access.

At that time, John said that the shots of the star, which people were referring to, were taken some time ago.

“I was in Istanbul about six years ago and somebody put a picture up and said I was Morocco,” he said.

Prior to that though, back in April 2009, John told, he would love to be in “Sex and The City 2” if he was asked.

“If something came my way, I’d jump on it,” he said at the time.

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