John Mayer Warns Texas Not To Mess With Jessica Simpson

A famous ex-boyfriend of Jessica Simpson’s is standing up to Texas for the honor of the blonde pop star and actress.

John Mayer hit his blog last night to appeal for compassion on the part of the Dallas people, some of which are angry at the singer, blaming her for quarterback Tony Romo’s recent football slump.

Romo’s team, the Dallas Cowboys, were bounced last week from the playoffs by the underdog New York Giants.

Prior to that, in a home game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Romo had what was arguably the worst game of his career — while new gal pal Jessica watched him from the stands.

Now that the season is over for the Cowboys, many fans are blaming the blonde bombshell for Romo’s lackluster moves on the field — a point which Mayer wanted to address.

“Dear Dallas and Surrounding Areas,” Mayer begins in his blog cleverly titled “Don’t Ex With Texas.” “This isn’t a sports blog, and it isn’t a publicity stunt. (but have at me if it feels right.) This is about doing what I think is right as a person, in this case speaking my mind.”

Mayer goes on to say that Simpson is completely loyal to where she grew up, and shouldn’t be criticized for coming out to support her man — or her team.

“I have never known anyone to have more pride in their home state and their upbringing in it than Jessica Simpson has in Texas,” Mayer blogged. “I don’t really follow sports, but I have played some of my biggest and best concerts in your state, and having witnessed how dynamic the spirit there is, I’m betting emotions are running high right about now.”

Mayer pleaded with the people of Dallas to refrain from holding things against Simpson so as to not dampen her Texas spirit.

“All witty barbs, blogs, and fashion policing aside, that girl loves Texas more than you know,” Mayer continued. “It’s one of her most defining traits as a person. So please don’t try and take that away from her. (You probably wouldn’t be able to, but it’s less work for all involved.)”

Mayer rounded up his post by attempting to claim he was unbiased in the situation, despite his former relationship with Simpson, in an attempt to sway angry Cowboys fans.

“I just thought it would mean something coming from the guy who has the absolute least to gain from this,” he wrote. “And if I’m out of line in having written it, too bad. I can spare a Wednesday’s worth of bad press if it means sticking up for a good soul.”

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